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Our Electric Future

Lightening's technology portfolio is ready to electrify society's tomorrow 

Our Technology

electric grid

Emerging from over a dozen years of stealth defense contracting, Lightening Energy has amassed dozens of intellectual properties originally for the complex needs of military field powering. This technology pipeline is transferable to commercial needs, and can provide significant contributions to the efficiency of civilian electric power infrastructures (The Grid) through advanced energy storage (Grid Batteries) and secure secure control (Grid Controls).

Recognizing LE’s readiness to supply advance Grid solutions, access to our technology and emerging products is being sought out by partners and clients including utilities and government entities. This pulls us forward to launch commercial mass production.


electric vehicles

Lightening developed a portfolio of extraordinary battery and recharging technology for original defense applications. By transferring more than 60 intellectual property and patents to support a new era of commercial and personal vehicle designs, this can enable breakthroughs in addressing the main barriers for affordable electric transportation including:

  1.  tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles which enable an affordable up to 50 year battery life – with low ownership cost and high residual value;

  2. vehicle-scale recharging in just minutes, eliminating the need for excess carried battery weight/cost for many vehicles;

  3. combined advantages which enable economic personal transportation similar to the price and accessibility of cell phone use.

  4. Fully compatible with electric infrastructure

Electric Vehicles



Lightening Energy continues its core research, development and low volume production to develop and provide leap-frog technologies for defense and homeland security.  Examples and fields these initiatives address include but are not limited to advanced power/energy materials and systems, industrial autonomy and mobility, micro-powered devices and energy harvesting, environmental security, ultra-high rate energy transfer and aerospace applications.  These programs remain stealth with related information is restricted.  

Electric Defense
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