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The “Lightening Grid” Mass Production Project

Emerging from over a dozen years of stealth defense contracting, Lightening Energy has amassed dozens of intellectual properties originated for complex needs of field powering. This technology pipeline is transferable to commercial needs, and can provide significant contributions to the efficiency of civilian electric power infrastructures (The Grid) through advanced energy storage (Grid Batteries) and secure its secure control (Grid Controls).

Recognizing LE’s readiness to supply advance Grid solutions, the access to our technology and emerging products is being sought out by partners and clients including utilities and government entities. This pulls us forward to launch commercial mass production.

Multiple and Significant Advantages


In full mass production, Lightening Grid technology will provide batteries distinguished by multiple, compelling advantages including:

· Tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles (extremely long life and low lifecycle cost);

· Uniquely high rate (high speed charge/discharge similar to more costly supercapacitors);

· Inherent safety (no fire, explosion or acid leakage risks);

· Unique security from a vertically-integrated and fully-American owned installation;

· American Home team advantages for homeland security markets.

These combined performance attributes are highly compelling. We are not aware of comparable solutions available from any other known supplier.

The Lightening Grid Project

Lightening is presently completing site selection, financing and growth leading to Giga-scale mass manufacturing. The state-of-the-art factory will provide vertically integrated, mass production of our innovative technology and products. The resulting operation also will add hundreds of high-quality jobs to the economy, making an important contribution to economic re-invigoration during the post-COVID economy. In the near future, product installations will boost security and efficiency of the grid along with enabling net reductions in carbon emissions.

National Urgency

The electric utility grid (“the grid”) is a critical underpinning for modern society. Its potential disruption is recognized as growing risk for both national defense and civilian safety. While on the one hand batteries are deployed to secure the grid (“grid batteries”) and enable continuity, on the other hand U.S. government studies warn that grid batteries and other grid components from non-allied sources embed hidden features that can breach security and enable hostile future attacks to disrupt the grid.

Reliance on China for worldwide battery supply is already a strategic concern expressed by U.S. and NATO governments, with some 72% of all lithium batteries produced in China (and only 12% sourced in the U.S., with less than 6% securely U.S. owned). This leaves little choice but for American reliance on non-allied sources of batteries for the electric grid, with estimated a significant majority of grid batteries installed in the U.S. presently involving these non-allied sources and components.

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