We are currently working on a number of projects pertaining to rapid recharging, automation, energy transfer and generation, and energy storage. Currently, much of what we produce is pursued by the Military, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. Much of it is very applicable to general consumers and will soon be availible for civilian use.

Our Automation Technology

We are on the cutting edge of automation technology and are currently developing a number of robot logistics systems that improve efficiency and decrease energy usage. Our proprietary algorithmic solutions can be applied to a number of fields from improving factory efficiency to automating basic household activities. Our algorithms use the properties of machine learning to improve over time and become more efficient with use.   

Our Energy Generation/Transfer Technology

We are developing a technology that will substantially improve the reliability of the global power grid. With the threat of domestic terrorism, it is of the upmost importance that our national power grid remains online. Our proprietary technology will ensure this by storing excess energy and producing needed energy in the event of an emergency.

Our Energy Storage Technology

Lightening Energy has developed a new paradigm for high power / energy batteries and their extremely rapid recharge. Our proprietary and patented technology utilizes practical and recyclable resources in order to achieve high power and performance in a commercially feasible form. Equally important, our target battery system is compact, lightweight, inherently safe, long-lived, and uniquely cost-effective. We hold an overarching goal that is challenging but unambiguous: To develop and deploy the world’s most cost effective high-power battery for hybrid and electric vehicles, and other high power applications for military and non-military purposes. In addition to our battery development program, we also engage related development in the proprietary fuel cell field. Our fuel cell program is based upon patented, innovative fuel cell and fueling technologies. Our technology is stable, safe, long-lived, and best suited for powering of small portable devices.