The Facts About Electric Vehicles

Our team is in the race for advanced battery and high speed recharging technology. We are reaching new heights in power, performance, economics, safety, and environmental 

Our team is in the race for the advanced battery & rapid recharging technology... 

...particularly for portable, motor vehicle, specialized U.S. military and other applications...

Our performance targets represent the ultimate challenge for any battery and rapid recharging --- eliminating compromises for vehicle designers, military applications and other end-users and customers.  This includes reaching new heights in performance, economics, safety, durability / life, and environmental compatibility.


Primary Target Attributes Versus Other Systems:

  •   Hi Power and Excellent Performance

  •   Magnitude Improvement in Economics

  •   Extremely rapid charge capability 

  •   Light Weight / Compact Volume

  •   Inherently Safe (no primary catastrophic failure mode)

  •   Environmentally Compatible and Recyclable

  •   Rapidly Charged and Favorable Discharge/Regeneration

  •   Excellent Predicted Cycle Life

  •   Durable and Rugged Systems Design

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