The Facts About Electric Vehicles

Hi Power & Energy Innovations.   Solid State Materials and Systems.   For Military & Commercial Dual Use.

Our team is in the race for the advanced battery & rapid recharging technology... 

...particularly for portable, motor vehicle, specialized U.S. military and other applications...

Our performance targets represent the ultimate challenge for any battery and rapid recharging --- eliminating compromises for vehicle designers, military applications and other end-users and customers.  This includes reaching new heights in performance, economics, safety, durability / life, and environmental compatibility.


Primary Target Attributes Versus Other Systems:

  •   Hi Power and Excellent Performance

  •   Magnitude Improvement in Economics

  •   Extremely rapid charge capability 

  •   Light Weight / Compact Volume

  •   Inherently Safe (no primary catastrophic failure mode)

  •   Environmentally Compatible and Recyclable

  •   Rapidly Charged and Favorable Discharge/Regeneration

  •   Excellent Predicted Cycle Life

  •   Durable and Rugged Systems Design

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