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Energy Storage

Our advanced battery technology has a very high energy density. It stores a large amount energy in a small amount of space. Unlike other advanced batteries that sacrifice energy density for rapid recharging and safety, Lightening Energy's batteries sacrifice nothing. They have an optimal recharge/discharge rate, are very safe, and have a high energy density. 

Energy Transfer and Generation

Our advanced battery technology can be applied to a number of energy transfer and generation problems both on and off the grid. Many major cities suffer from both energy shortage during peak times of day and energy excess during slow times. Our proprietary technology can make the grid more efficient by storing and recycling excess energy for use during shortages. 

Rapid Recharging

The average electric vehicle today takes about 15 hours to fully charge. Even with off the shelf fast recharging systems, which severely limit the cycle life and pose safety risks, take at least 5 hours to charge. Other solutions that have better safety and faster recharging have extremely low energy density, and are very large and heavy. Lightening Energy's proprietary technology offers an optimal rate of charge and discharge while maintaining both excellent safety and a high energy density. Lightening Energy's technology accomplishes everything and sacrifices nothing. 

Energy Storage

Energy Transfer and Generation

The world has large energy problems. Lightening Energy has even larger solutions . Our rapid recharging, advanced battery, and automation technology is a breakthrough in the energy field. Our advanced technology is being pursued for a number of military applications, and certain aspects will soon be availible for civilian use. 

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